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Joann to the rescue

It wouldn’t be a trip to Boston without that unnecessary trip to Joann Fabrics, right?! WRONG…It’s ALWAYS necessary. But this week was especially worth the trip. I was with my dad, he was taking back into town on a VERY gray Sunday to get on a very GREYhound bus. I asked him to stop at Joann for me on the way in. He, being the gentleman that his, obliged his 38 year old child.

But there was a reason this time. I say “this time” because usually I want to go, just to go. And that results in needles and yarn that I don’t need. I usually convince myself that I can’t be away from home and not start a project.

Anyway, I had that forementioned (in another post) Joann gift card. I have a very special friend with a very special baby in her belly. The weather is finally starting to turn all orangey and autumnish…it’s definitely baby blanket season. Dad stopped, I shopped.

There I sat on that very GREYhound bus, new needles in hand and baby blue yarn flying through my determined fingers.

Maybe it’s been the weather. Maybe it’s been that I’ve been so busy lately. But crafting has been on the wAYYYYYY back burner for months. This felt good.

While I was casting on my first 75 stitches, I realized something…

It’s on, baby. It’s so on.


i shall craft.

When I was a teeny tiny kid, my Gramma and Grampa would visit a couple times a year. They lived about 2 hours away in Greenfield, Massachusetts. These visits were so special to me. I used to wait and wait and wait for them to arrive. I loved their visit so much!

When it was time for them to head back home after a weekend of seafood dinners and cribbage games, I would cry and cry. I missed them as soon as their huge maroon colored car pulled away from the curb.

I won’t say that anything could have replaced them after they left, but one thing helped…and it help a lot. My grandmother would always stock our fridge with her amazing banana breads and pans upon pans of macaroni and cheese. Just like the mac-n-cheese, her banana bread was a perfect, perfect thing.

It’s amazing how much love a little loaf of bread can bring to a home. While Gramma was back in Greenfield it was almost like she was with us every hectic morning getting ready for school, wolfing down huge, amazing, moist slices of banana bread.

Well, sadly, we lost Grampa when I was pretty young, and Gramma several years ago. It was crushing. But we have some very special memories. we have A LOT of special memories. But I have some other things too. Since I became a baking fool this past few months, I’ve been searching for some seriously yummy standard recipes. I found a chocolate cake recipe online that has proven to be a favorite of a lot of my friends. I was given a rhubarb pie recipe that blew my mine. But among my recipes, there stands something very very special. A couple of months ago, my parents gave me my grandmothers recipe box. I was so pleased and so touch. I was a little bit speechless. (If you know me, you know that that is BARELY possible.) However, I had enough of my wits about me to rifle through the box looking for her banana bread recipe.

FOUND IT!!!!!!

I’ve made several of them since. But tomorrow’s banana bread is a special one. It’ll be the first one I make for my parent’s. They’re coming to Brooklyn to visit Michael and me tomorrow. I’ll be handing off a banana bread to them, the way Gramma used to.

I hope they like it. 

It was a little bit hot in the kitchen this particular weekend, but this was totally worth it! 4layers of chocolate mayonnaise cake with layers of homemade whipped cream, smothered in whipped cream and drenched in coconut flakes! It fed an army!!!!!

So here’s my dilemma. I’m almost done with my little skully cross stitch. I’m thinking that I may do another couple of rings of color radiating out.

But, what then? Pillow? Tote bag? Hmmmm…

Joann Fabric Gift Certificate…

…is burning a hole in my wallet! A very special someone gave me a gift certificate last year for my birthday. There was a problem activating the card though. Joann’s has distributed a whole lot of gift cards that they were unable to activate. ugh!!!!!

After some time and a lot of phone calls, I got the darn thing working. Hooray!

Now, what to do with it? Yarn? Knitting needles? Fabric?

Decisions. Decision.

I saw this on a friend’s facebook page….It’s pretty amazing! Thanks Koosh!


Somebody asked me about this last week. I loved making this. But this is as far as it went. It might be a pillow soon for someone.

This one’s easy. Simple embroidery on the black parts, then just tons and tons of french knots.

Hooray! Instant fluffiness!

A little goes a long way…I always say.

One of the things I’m most proud of on my Etsy store is the series of mini pillows I’ve been working. First of all the fabric gives me chills! It’s a wonderfully sturdy cotton upholstery fabric that reminds me of the huge pillows that my mom and and Auntie Geraldine used to get at stores like Pier 1. (As much as I still like Pier 1, it was a very different and very special place when I was a kid in Boston.)

The icons I choose to embroider are admittedly in response to some serious trendsetting that goes on here in Brooklyn. You can’t swing a dead poodle without hitting a poodle lamp or a print. However, I haven’t seen too many pillows. And there you have it. A poodle pillow.

Check out the rest of them them!


It’s here!

If can pick it up somewhere, check out the new issue of New York. The Fall Fashion issue always proves to be something special. The Face of Fashion story features some pretty amazing portraits.  

Seriously. There’s no better magazine than Ready Made!

I finally started posting things to my Etsy Store. Just a couple pillows live there now, but there are more and some tote bags in the works. I’ll have a few other surprises in the coming weeks and months. So please check in from time to time. 

Here’s one of the pillows, I’m offering now. Unlike the the original pillows (which are done with beautiful unbleached muslin) this pillows was created with a very heavy, cotton upholstery fabric. I’m in love with the fabric I used for this one.

Check it out at my Etsy store:


Can you imagine anything more fun than glitter?

A friend of mine totally turned me on to oilcloth by showing me her newest latest acquisition…a fantastic Orla Kiely bag. since then, it’s been a little bit of an obsession. These bags are  the best for a rainy ay, your Cyndi Lauper LPs will stay nice and dry and there’s plenty of room for kindles, and ham sandwiches. Dope!

Check out my Etsy page for more oilcloth bags.


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